About Goji Tech

Goji Tech has since its inception focused on creating strong end-to-end competency in the area of re-marketing electronics. Although we are supporters of environmentally compliant recycling, we believe that effective reuse through re-marketing delivers not only far greater value to all participants in the chain, but also has a much stronger environmental benefit.

We work with corporate technology users on decommissioning their electronic equipment, aiming to find a model that will deliver the strongest residual value to our client combined with minimal environmental impact. We work with full equipment such as laptops, as well as with select components such as storage media. Our goal is to provide transparency and a highly reliable service, building up long-term partnerships.

We also boast excellent sales channels, allowing us to efficiently distribute re-marketed equipment to selected market segments. Here we believe in preserving value in the chain, and work directly with system assemblers and electronics retailers in key target markets across Eastern Europe, the CIS, Africa and the Middle East. Our customers benefit from access to highly reliable products at a competitive price point, and we are able to jointly work on sustainable market strategies.